The Proles! started life in 2004 as a free home-run magazine of artwork and writing (based in Manchester, UK) run/designed/printed/etc by Tim Green. It was initially black&white and limited to between 200-300 printed copies.

The idea is that each issue has a different theme and all the contents is based on that theme. It features artists (and some writers) from around the world to give a broad view on the chosen theme, and is open to anyone to submit.

No adverts, No reviews, No listings, No fashion tips, No editorials etc. It's just about the artwork. It's simple but this is it. It has been in various shapes/sizes/formats but it is always basically A5 in frame.

A MASSIVE "thank you!" to all the people who have submitted their work for free and given their time to be involved.

As of issue 6, The Proles is metamorphosising into a new format and website... COMING SOON.

Thankyou for visiting and feel free to get in touch.