the proles! issue four.

issue four is based one the theme 'forests'. contributors are elph(uk), mike powell(uk), jeremyville(australia), me love(switzerland), dgph(argentina), gee staunton(uk), neasden control centre(uk), rosie brice(uk), eartrumpet(uk), mount pleasant(uk), waste(uk), kate sutton(uk), moshi moshi(mexico), matt pattinson(uk), mark wilson(uk), p e c e(chile), kate john(uk), couscouskid(uk), dist(uk), naive(uk), and rees(uk), draw on tv(uk) and becki howell(uk). includes a proles vinyl sticker. format_b/w photocopy, 24 sides 15 x 21cm sides. (first 50 copies have screenprinted covers). layout by werk.